What You Need to Know about the Interoperability Showcase

Interoperability Showcase™ at-a-Glance

Experience an interoperability ecosystem within our 14 unique patient stories. Each one is a unique perspective on the value of health IT to an individual.
Bronwen Watkins-Pitchford BSN, RN-BC

More than 100 live clinical information systems exchange health data at the largest interoperability education destination on the exhibit floor! Comprised of seven special feature and 14 use case areas, you’ll find out how interoperability enables the full spectrum of care, meet on-hand experts and explore cutting-edge healthcare technology with live demonstrations of use cases, theater sessions, tours and other special areas.

Witness first-hand, in a simulated healthcare environment, how standards-based transactions improve clinical continuum of care and experience an ecosystem where stakeholders can securely, effectively and efficiently contribute, share and analyze data. From home to hospital, birth to death and PCP to EHR, health IT and interoperability are changing the future of healthcare.  More than a dozen unique patient stories demonstrate real-world applications using standards-based interoperability to improve care developed to individuals.


What’s in the Interoperability Showcase?

Theater Presentation
Upon arrival, go to the Welcome Theater to begin your journey with a presentation on interoperability. Attendee Tours are launched continuously from the theater.  Afterwards, continue your journey either at the Education Theater, where industry leaders further discuss interoperability or by exploring our 7 feature areas; Telehealth, Innovations, FHA, IHE, Testing and Certification, HIMSS Innovation Center or the API Bar.

The Education Theater features more than 30 interactive education sessions from industry leaders, who have successfully implemented standards-based exchange. These theater sessions share success stories, IHE domain updates and national initiative updates.

Health Journey Tours
Join a tour in our welcome theater to witness standards-based transactions and exchanges in real time that solve a medical record and data transport problem which improves the quality of the care delivered.

Special Feature Areas

  • Federal Health Architecture – An opportunity to explore HIT developments in support of our national interoperability objectives. Get guidance on how you can benefit from innovative solutions.
  • Innovations Vignette NEW! – Explore innovations and see the real work being done today to improve user experience, including financial resources, broadband access and improved workflow.
  • Telehealth Vignette NEW! – Learn how virtual technology can provide a foundation for expanded access to high quality care no matter where you are.
  • Testing and Certification NEW! – Featuring ConCert by HIMSS™,  you’ll gain an understanding of the available programs and their practical value—all to help determine the best fit for your organization. 
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) – Learn how IHE is improving the quality, value and safety of healthcare by enabling rapid, scalable and secure access to health information at the point of care.
  • HIMSS Innovation Center – Learn about the only state-of-the-art, permanent and virtual testing, interoperability certification, exhibition and educational facility that offers a real-time demonstration of an interoperable health ecosystem.
  • API Bar: NEW! Stop by the healthcare Application Programming Interface (API) Bar and learn more about how the web will remove barriers between systems’ data exchange that improves care through the use of APIs.

VIP Tours
Are you looking to customize your experience in the Interoperability Showcase? Tours are available during exhibit hours from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm PST-See how health information exchanges impact patient care with a personal demonstration! Visit our Welcome Theater to get started!

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Why Visit the Interoperability Showcase?

The industry needs to be informed since the government is requiring interoperability.  According to Karen B. DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources:

We will all need to commit to actions that will define how we work together on behalf of the American public to empower them to improve their health. Implementing federally- recognized national interoperability standards and policies so that we are no longer competing between standards, but rather innovating on a set of core standards.
Karen B. DeSalvo

If you’re a purchaser, administrator, technologist or clinician, then the Interoperability Showcase is for you! The interactive educational demonstrations emphasize standards-based solutions that improve the potential for health information exchange between systems, providers, and organizations in order to optimize clinical care.

See what past HIMSS attendees said about The Interoperability Showcase™:

The stories come to life in these settings.
The showcase showed that we need to spend more time including IHE in our RFPs.

Attendee Testimonials


Discover the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase—a seamless health information exchange and supported continuity of care. With more than 10,000 visitors expected at the HIMSS16 Interoperability Showcase, be part of the team that will transform healthcare!  Join the conversation: #EmpowerHIT.

For more information on the schedule, speakers, and maps, review the pocket guide, mobile app and Himssconference.org.

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