The Power of Innovation and Transformation

Innovation is essential to the continued transformation of health and lives through IT. Innovative ideas, processes and solutions improve safety, quality, communication, efficiency, satisfaction, and outcomes, and they reduce the cost of care.

When we think of innovation, we often think of the invention of something new. But true innovation is not found in new ideas alone – or in the creative reframing of previous ideas. It is found in the execution, communication and perceived value of those ideas. Without these things, vital components of health IT – such as interoperability and standards, connected health, EHRs, care coordination, clinician and patient engagement, and many others – would not be the powerful forces for change that they are. An innovative idea is only as good as its follow-through.

At HIMSS17, you’ll explore innovative products, strategies and perspectives, and learn how to apply action-based processes and techniques in your own organization – taking the innovations you discover from start to finish.

How do we know when innovation is required? At the heart of innovation is relevance. What may have worked well in the past may not work well in the future. This concept is not always easy for organizations – or individuals – to accept. Or by the time they do, the opportunity for innovation – perhaps even disruptive innovation – may have been missed. How can healthcare organizations anticipate their upcoming needs while continuing to execute their current priorities? Once we’ve identified the need for innovation, how do we ensure its acceptance and success? How can we advance the future of health IT while still actively transforming health and lives in the present?

At HIMSS17, you’ll find answers to these questions and more. You’ll explore creative solutions to your biggest challenges, discover cutting-edge products and resources, and exchange new ideas with the brightest minds in health and IT. And you’ll return home, ready to implement real-world insights, solutions and connections back in your organization.

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