The Official #HIMSS16 Hashtag Guide

As excitement around The Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition (#HIMSS16) continues to grow, so does buzz on Twitter. #HIMSS15 was tweeted a total of 88,990 times last year and if history repeats, we are about to embark on another year of hashtag record-breaking and social overload.

With so many tweets filling the air, it can be tough to stay on top of the conversation, avoid Twitter overload and keep organized. Make this your best conference yet with the HIMSS16 Hashtag Guide, designed to promote a common hashtag vocabulary to segment and streamline conversations that matter to you most. Utilize these tips and hashtags to make your and your digital neighbor's social media experience more personalized and enjoyable.

  • Tip #1:  Use a social media monitoring tool that provides easy keyword and hashtag tracking from a desktop and mobile device. The ability to sift out the nuggets from the noise makes Twitter at conferences that much more meaningful.
  • Tip #2: Using your social media monitoring tool, pair the #HIMSS16 hashtag and keywords in one stream to focus in on topics that interest you most. Sating your curiosity for #HITsecurity is a lot easier when it's not overshadowed by thousands of other tweets about the next vendor's demonstration or the onslaught of #HIMSS16 health "selfies."
  • Tip #3: Like all things, use hashtags in moderation. Tweets with too many hashtags are hard to read, fragment conversation and are often dismissed as spam. Please tweet responsibly.

Below is The Official HIMSS16 Hashtag Guide showcasing health IT community and topical hashtags to keep you on top of the conference conversation. In addition to HIMSS16 education and networking opportunities, find resources that allow you to stay connected even after HIMSS16 ends.

HIMSS16 Event Hashtags

Patient Engagement

Stay updated on the latest patient engagement strategies year-round.


Join the new HIMSS Cybersecurity Community!

Nursing Informatics

Connect with nursing peers year-round with the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community.


Become a member of the HIMSS Physician Community.

Women in Health IT

Attend the #HealthITChicks Meetup at HIMSS16!

Millennials in Health IT

Join a community of emerging professionals to help guide your career path.

Health IT Value

Learn more about the HIMSS Value Suite and examples of health IT value.


Get involved in the movement for health information exchange.

Connected Health

Stay up-to-date on critical connected health updates and thought leadership.

Health IT Innovation

Connect with the health innovation community to support innovation in care.

Revenue Cycle Management

Help identify and promote effective use of financial systems in health organizations.

Clinical & Business Intelligence

Let your voice be heard in the Clinical and Business Intelligence Community.


Learn more about HX360.

Venture+ Forum

Learn more about the Venture+ Forum.


Another great resource for defining hashtags as well as analyzing their use and audience is Symplur’s Healthcare Hashtag Project.

Think of any great hashtags we left off? Let @HIMSS know!