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Introducing the #HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassadors – and Three Reasons to Follow Them

By Michael Gaspar, Program Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media

Since 2014, HIMSS has called on a class of health IT influencers to deliver a top-notch, expert-driven social media experience at its Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. In its biggest year yet, we’re proud to announce an even more diverse and socially connected 2016 class of Social Media Ambassadors. From the board room, the server room, the exam room, out of the courtroom and into the digital landscape, each of these Ambassadors brings a unique perspective on how healthcare can (and needs to) change for providers and consumers alike. Follow these health IT social media influencers and the #HIMSS16 conversation to contribute to a collective dialogue on closing the disparity gaps we all see in healthcare delivery – no matter your place in the ecosystem.

Get a deeper understanding of health IT’s challenges and successes

Social Media Ambassadors are chosen for their social media savvy and unique perspectives on important health IT challenges impacting quality care delivery. Each Ambassador brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a powerful network that enables a proactive and far-reaching discussion on the issues you will see at this year’s conference and the industry at large. Stay tuned as these Ambassadors lay out the issues they believe are pivotal to transforming the industry, report on how those conversations unfold at HIMSS16 and provide an outlook on what needs to happen – and who needs to be involved – to enact positive movement on health IT’s opportunity to transform population health.

Refine your health IT action plan

Take note from the Social Media Ambassadors and pair their insights with your own observed challenges and successes to enact a health IT action plan for yourself and your organization. The breadth of new and maturing technologies on the exhibition floor in conjunction with industry-led education and rich networking opportunities will provide a roadmap for the upcoming year in health IT.

Get an insider’s perspective on the conference

A perk of being a Social Media Ambassador includes access to the entire conference, barring a few invite-only events. That means Social Media Ambassadors will be the lens through which you can virtually meet speakers and other health IT influencers, experience some behind-the-scenes action, see what’s new and exciting in the industry and learn some #HIMSS16Hacks from conference veterans – including but not limited to networking, social media tips, footwear and more.

At the 2013 mHealth Summit, Dr. Jordan Shlain remarked on the keynote stage, “Nothing goes viral in health IT like it does in the consumer world. At best it goes bacterial.” 2016 will be the year that we put that notion to the test.
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Without further ado, the 2016 class of Social Media Ambassadors:


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