Improving Patient Care through an HIE

We all know that HIEs improve the quality of information at the right time for the right person, right?  So why are there still so many providers not connected with their HIE?  A lack of understanding?  Too busy?  Too expensive?  Maybe it is all 3.  Whatever the reason, we need to encourage and support adoption of this valuable tool.

The HIMSS Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Committee decided that an infographic1 would illustrate the value of an HIE to the physician in order to foster adoption, especially in communities with separate, independent practices and EHRs.  Obtaining and sharing relevant patient information should be easy, quick, and support better workflows.

The intent is for providers to understand how an HIE can enhance their care delivery by accessing information that creates a more comprehensive health story of their patients. It may also motivate providers to request their EHR vendors to have access to an HIE if they do not have one in their community, region or state. This leads to better patient assessments, a more efficient and accurate care approach, which in turn improves patient outcomes and patient and provider satisfaction.

We used a common case of a female with a history of type II diabetes who goes to a new practice because her physician retired a couple of years ago.  She is overweight, has an elevated blood pressure and…you get the picture.  The infographic illustrates the work effort and information differences between an HIE-enabled provider and one who is not.  The contrast is designed to stimulate the reader on how access to patient information is critical to providing the best possible care and outcomes. 

We encourage you to view and share our infographic throughout your network of colleagues, and look for it at HIMSS16 – let’s maximize the impact!

View "Improving Patient Care through an HIE" Infographic

To learn more and access further information about health information exchange, please visit the HIMSS HIE topic page as well as our I&S Toolkit and HIE Toolkits.

If you are attending HIMSS16, stop by the Interoperability Showcase on Level 1 | Exhibit Hall G | Booth 11954 to access the infographic hands-on.

1 Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends. (Wikipedia)