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Identifying Signs of Maturity in Health IT at HIMSS16

By Janice McCallum

The health IT segment is maturing. Recent announcements from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about the meaningful use program and the near-ubiquitous adoption of electronic health records support the fact that health IT has progressed well into the late majority phase of the popular technology diffusion adoption curve. (see below).


Diffusion of Ideas
Source: Public domain. E. Rogers. 1962

What does a maturing segment mean to the thousands of companies that will be present at HIMSS16?

I will be covering this topic at HIMSS16, reporting on signs of maturity and what it means to the HIMSS community in terms of funding, consolidation, collaboration, product development and ongoing innovation.

Priorities in 2016

As a business consultant and strategist, I focus on forward-looking priorities. To prepare for the value-based, more patient-centric healthcare system of the future, I see top priorities for 2016 as: achieving scale, forming partnerships, and quantifying & demonstrating value.

All stakeholders are facing these issues, but I have IT vendors in mind on the issue of achieving scale. Payers are best positioned for improving methods for quantifying and demonstrating value, based on their existing experience in data analytics and risk analysis. Alliances and partnerships will be critical across all stakeholder groups to enhance collaboration in aggregating and analyzing data for all levels of outcomes analysis and population health management programs.

Barriers to success

The shortcomings of current standards, interoperability and privacy frameworks remain a barrier to progress. As those barriers decline, more collaboration will be enabled, and we’ll see more consolidation. However, objections to collaboration and consolidation that are based on management myopia will continue to exist in some pockets of the industry.

Sessions at HIMSS16

I’ve bookmarked education sessions I plan to attend, and I’ve already double-booked myself on Tuesday and will have to make a last-minute decision which to attend.

I’ll supplement the education sessions with visits to the Interoperability Showcase,  HIMSS Analytics, updates and briefings from a number of health IT, clinical informatics, and clinical decision support vendors and visits to as many exhibitors as I can fit in.

Of course, I’ll learn from interactions with my fellow SMAs and other attendees, too. Sometimes, a conversation at the opening reception or on a shuttle can lead to new insights and expand your network.

Here are the sessions I plan to attend:

Clinical Informatics Leadership: A Profound Discussion
March 1, 10-11 am  | Session ID: 19

Too Many Patient Portals – What Can You Do About It?
March 1, 10-11 am | Session ID: 301

Value-Based Models: Two Successful Payer-Provider Approaches
March 1, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm | Session ID: 36

Transformative Payment Models
March 1, 2:30 - 3:30 pm | Session ID: 66

CMIO and CIO: Partners in Optimization and Transformation
March 2, 10-11 am | Session ID: 109

Share your industry perspective using the #HIMSS16 hashtag and by attending this year’s conference.


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