HIMSS Speak Out: Cybersecurity

What is one of the biggest worries of healthcare CIOs? Cybersecurity.

After an intrusive 2016 with over 20 million records breached, threats to healthcare data will become broader and more severe in the short term. Cybersecurity efforts are moving from reactive to proactive with protection of the patient being the prime focus.

At HIMSS17, leading cybersecurity efforts will share how they are protecting data, while fortifying their defenses.

A few conversations will focus on:

Transforming a Privacy Program with Advanced Data Analytics

Session 74

Robert Lord, CEO and Co-Founder, Protenus

Session Take-Away: There is a paradigm shift occurring in healthcare security and privacy that is being spearheaded by our nation’s leading healthcare institutions. We are moving from a reactive, resource-intensive model of dealing with cyber threats, to a model that is proactive, and augments privacy and security teams with clinically-aware - big data - workflow analytics, and - machine learning. Attendees will walk away with a framework for understanding their options within this paradigm shift, and gain practical knowledge about how to leverage advances in analytics to evolve their privacy and security posture to more confidently protect patient data.

The Next Frontier in Medical Device Security

Session 76

Denise Anderson, MBA, President, NH-ISAC

Session Take-Away: We must learn to balance risk/benefit with bringing devices to market. Security should be baked into the development life cycle of medical devices. Situational awareness must be maintained to keep abreast of threats and vulnerabilities and collaboration, coordination and information sharing are key to advancing the safety and security of devices for the patient's and public's wellbeing. This presentation will share strategies in place and being developed to help accomplish this.

Data Security: Threat Assessment in the Ransomware Era

Session 106

Julia Hesse, Attorney, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

Session Take-Away: Hospitals, health systems and health IT providers are significantly challenged in developing actionable, practical tactics for conducting risk assessments. Health care companies have a particular challenge striking the balance between maintaining an open, relatively easy to use information technology system while simultaneously not creating a broad attack surface for hackers. With the increased use of electronic health records and internet connected devices, health information technology systems offer a rich data theft environment. Of even greater concern is that cyber criminals as well as nation states are becoming increasingly interested in accessing private health care data..

After HIMSS17 keep the conversation going by visiting the Cybersecurity Hub in the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, OH.



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