Getting a Broader Picture of the Connected Patient

By: John Sharp, FHIMSS, Senior Manager, @PCHAlliance

At HIMSS17, we at the PCHAlliance are expanding the view of what it means to engage the connected patient. Patient engagement is no just deploying a patient portal or providing online appointment requests. We will present a series of sessions on Tuesday, February 21 on three trending topics:

  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Open notes and patient narratives
  • Patient Generated Health Data

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, aka @HealthyThinker will address the social determinates of health and how health IT can integrate information about poverty, education, social and religious factors which can become part of care planning in a value-based environment.  Jan Oldenburg and Kathy Nieder, MD, two patient engagement experts, will speak on “The Importance of Narrative: Open Notes, Patient Stories, Human Connection.” They will focus on how Open Notes enhances the patient’s narrative of their journey through their condition and how this both strengthens the patient-physician relationship and empowers patients to take charge of their illness and wellness. Patient Generated Health Data continues to be on the forefront of health IT innovation. 

As the capability to collect patient data through everything from wearables to remote monitoring and questionnaires, managing and integrating this data into clinician workflow continues to be a challenge. Three speakers will present “Improving Outcomes, Efficiencies, and Engagement with PGHD” - Drew Schiller, CEO and Co-founder of Validic, Jodi Daniel, JD, MPH, an attorney and former at the Office of the National Coordinator and Martin Entwistle, Executive Director, Personalized Healthcare Programs at SUTTER HEALTH.

Do you understand the future of the connected patient? Come and listen to this forum of experts from 8:30am12:30pm on Tuesday, February 21.


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