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Follow Up With Your HIMSS16 Connections!

HIMSS16 has ended, but your networking should just be beginning! It’s important to touch base post-conference with your new contacts, remind them who you are and resurface any important events or topics you chatted about while at HIMSS16. Following up with professional connections help differentiate you from other attendees and continues to develop and solidify the relationship. Follow these simple steps to stay connected with your HIMSS16 contacts post-conference:

Connect soon after HIMSS16

To build a strong relationship, it’s always beneficial to strike while the iron’s still hot! The sooner you follow up, the more likely your connections will remember the conversations you had at HIMSS16.

Tip: It can be as informal as a quick email or text to say that you enjoyed meeting them, and reflect back on your conversation. Just remember to keep the ball rolling by reaching out!


Bond with your new contacts on LinkedIn

Chances are that you got their business card, so it should be simple to find them on LinkedIn. It’s best to connect soon after HIMSS16 while the conversation is still fresh in both of your minds.

Tip: Write a note on their business card at conference to remind yourself of what you discussed, and include that information in your connection message.


Further those mutual relationships

Reach out to mutual contacts between you and your new connection. They may be able to give you more insight about how to further develop your relationship with your new connections.


Sweat the small stuff.

Remembering the small stuff, like birthdays, anniversaries, and hand written notes speaks volumes about your investment in the relationship post-conference and beyond.

Tip: Reach out and send well wishes on social media. These small gestures go a long way to staying connected post-conference!


Send relevant links

Compelling articles, relatable to your conversation, provide your new connections with some value. For example, you could say, “At HIMSS16, we discussed Kevin Johnson’s session on cybersecurity and the increase of ransomware attacks.  I saw this video today, and I thought you’d enjoy it!”



Finally, don’t forget to keep the conversation going by checking in regularly and even setting up a follow-up meeting or start your HIMSS17 conference planning together!


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