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Exploring Three Healthcare Innovation Priorities at HIMSS16

by Tamara StClaire, chief innovation officer, Commercial Healthcare, Xerox

HIMSS16 brings together professionals from all different areas of the healthcare industry. If you don’t go into the conference with a game plan or strategy, it can be easy to be overwhelmed!

There are three trajectories that I am currently focusing on, and HIMSS16 will be an incredible opportunity to connect with and learn from others in the industry who spend their days thinking about the same things.

Anywhere Care

It’s no secret that changes in care delivery are all around us. We see this specifically with telehealth. “Anywhere Care” will eventually be a reality, fueled by advances in Cloud and the Internet of Things technologies as well as improvement in interoperability providing access to key information.

This reality is not far off, as stakeholders are becoming increasingly aligned. In fact, the American Telemedicine Association recently awarded 22 states an “A” for regulations governing telemedicine.

I am looking forward to attending a HIMSS16 session led by Jan Oldenburg and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn. They will provide an overview of the different models of telehealth services and explain how those services can enhance the existing doctor/patient relationship.

Healthcare Marketplace

I believe consumers will soon be at the forefront of every healthcare transaction and will expect a level of transparency and flexibility they have become accustomed to in the retail setting. For example, when shopping for insurance, customers will seek out plans that are personalized, provided by companies who understand them as individuals.

While everyone can agree that healthcare transactions should be seamless, the big change required to make it a possibility is a transition to an API model. Until healthcare providers and technology partners come together, consumers will not receive the same quality of experience they have when buying from Zappos or Amazon.

Lee P. Bee, DO and Tom Giannulli, MD, MS are speaking about “Creating an Agile Medical Practice to Meet Consumer Demands.” Their session will underscore the increased significance that patients are now placing on things like access, flexibility and convenience.

Population Health Management

Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to population health management with the intent of achieving better health outcomes, patient experiences and financial results. The foundation of these efforts includes:

  • aggregating data from a wide variety of sources
  • designing intervention programs based on that data
  • creating a feedback loop for optimization

Solving interoperability challenges and leveraging analytics behind a successful population health management program will help health systems adapt to value-based care models.

In each of these three areas – Anywhere Care, the Healthcare Marketplace and Population Health Management – we have a fairly clear sense of what we hope to accomplish, but many questions remain regarding how we will get there. These are important questions that will be asked and discussed in great length at HIMSS16.


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