Equipping Health Executives for Success

The senior executive program HX360 comes to Orlando in conjunction with HIMSS17

Senior executives at health organizations increasingly must understand the strategic relevance of IT in their businesses’ strategies. Previously, it was appropriate to delegate the IT strategy. No longer. To survive and thrive in today’s market, a health organization’s executive leaders must consider IT a key component of a successful business’s strategic plan.

HIMSS is living a long-term commitment to equip health executives for success.

Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS

Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS
Executive Vice President

And, we’re not alone in this commitment. Colleges and universities around the world are adopting IT curricula into their MHA, MBA, MD, RN, MPH, and PharmD programs.

Leading non-profit organizations engage with HIMSS on collaborations to advance executive understanding and competency to use IT to its highest value in health business.

We have an exciting educational experience approaching called “HX360.” Hosted in-conjunction with HIMSS17 from Feb. 19-23 in Orlando, Fla.,six partners will be joining with HIMSS in providing world-class education focused specifically on executive education and networking. I encourage all to explore these opportunities and, as appropriate, reach out to become involved.

For example, NAHSE will be focusing its executive attendee experience on population health, digital mobile/telehealth, and addressing health disparities. And, NAHSE’s scheduled a special session to explore the socio-economic impact of MACRA.

Via fireside chat, executives will engage with Dan Rather and former Governor Mike Leavitt, looking into the crystal ball of political and policy developments to make sense of what the future might look like for health businesses. Rather’s session is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 20. Former Governor Leavitt, who also served as the Secretary of HHS under President George W. Bush and has advised President Trump’s transition team, will host his fireside chat on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

For an executive team, embracing innovation requires monitoring risk closely, being open to failure, encouraging smart experimentation and a disciplined approach to the measurement of impact. As a result, AVIA will be hosting executive programming focused on financing innovation and measuring results. AVIA’s team firmly believes that healthcare leaders play a critical role, and should be directly engaged in, an innovation imperative to ensure organizational discipline on questions of when and where to invest. For executives responsible for making financial decisions, the challenge of supporting innovation is as formidable as it is essential.

We’ve partnered with long-term collaborators AMDIS and CHIME on several executive-level programs. Our AMDIS-HIMSS Physician Executive Symposium addresses the impact on the health of populations through connected health / coordinated care, as well as the current regulatory environment for practicing medicine, and emerging policy developments in the new Trump Administration.

Change leadership for health IT executives involves not only leading the way through dynamic and challenging changes in technology and cybersecurity, but also, calls on us as leaders to bring new ideas and innovation to our healthcare organizations. Our CHIME-HIMSS CIO Forum will address critical areas of health IT executive change leadership.

Cybersecurity is a central issue for health executives. Our HIMSS-CHIME Cybersecurity Forum will describe the current threat and vulnerability landscape for the healthcare sector, including with regard to patient safety, and illustrate how sophisticated attacks can be defended against, .even on a budget.

IEEE is hosting its annual International Conference for Biomedicine and Health Informatics in-conjunction with HIMSS17. Focusing on quality of service, trust, augmented reality, and e-commerce, the BHI2017 offers significant executive opportunities.

Thanks to our collaborators, Leavitt Partners, there will be a fascinating executive learning and sharing opportunities on Accountable Care Organizations and Healthcare Disrupted. On Monday, Feb. 20, leaders will be equipped with tools, intelligence, and participation in a mission to advance successful accountable care. Leaders will come together on Tuesday, Feb. 21 to focus on the emergent government dynamics that accompany a new Administration and Congress and how the CARIN Alliance is shaping healthcare policy, specifically regarding consumer-directed exchange of healthcare information.

Please, take some time to explore these opportunities. We welcome executives to engage in this programming, and positively transform health and healthcare through the best use of IT.

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