Cybersecurity Best Practices, Resources and Expert Advice at HIMSS17

The prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks is a huge priority for all types of organizations – and healthcare in particular. Cyber criminals are getting smarter. Ransomware and spear phishing attacks are increasing, and cloud services and the Internet of Things are leaving organizations more exposed than ever before. In the recently completed 2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, 80% of participants said that their organization had experienced a significant security incident.

While many healthcare organizations are busy protecting their systems from certain types of attacks, they may be opening themselves up to new and unexpected ones that they did not – or could not – anticipate.

The sensitive nature of the information contained in patients’ records and histories will continue to make EHRs a prime target for cyber criminals. And, health IT professionals must do more than just protect patients’ data – they must do so while actually protecting the patients themselves. How can critical cybersecurity practices be incorporated into healthcare organizations without compromising healthcare professionals’ access to vital patient information stored in EHRs?

As cyberattacks evolve, so do ways to prevent them and mitigate their risk. At HIMSS17, you’ll find myriad offerings on the latest state of cybersecurity from experts in the field – with sessions on cyber hygiene best practices, advanced threat prevention, medical device cybersecurity, enterprise security, cyber surveillance and threat detection, ransomware and other advanced threats, and more. Come together with colleagues from around the world to collaborate to discover new ways to combat increasing threats and stay ahead of cyber criminals.

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