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Brush Up on the State of Health IT Security in Preparation for #HIMSS17

#hcsmSA Twitter chat explores health IT security from a global perspective.

Tomorrow, ePatient advocate and HIMSS Social Media Ambassador, Vanessa Carter (@Face_SA) will host the #hcsmSA Twitter chat to unpack the state of health IT security and what this means for a global health economy - especially in developing nations. From expert to emerging professional, this chat will offer a pulse report on industry trends, their impact on health and healthcare delivery, and the opportunity for other experts to share new risks and their mitigation strategies.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Twitter Chat Details:

#hcsmSA: Cybersecurity in South African Health IT
Jan. 16 at 10 a.m. CT; 11 a.m. ET
Hashtag: #hcsmSA

Twitter Chat Topics: 

T1: Who is behind health IT cyber attacks and why?

T2: What sort of medical devices and data are at risk and how?
(e.g.: wearables, drones, sensors, mobile apps, robotics, sensors, digital platforms, medical records)

T3: Why is it important to globalise cyber security policy in health IT?

T4: What makes us vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially in developing countries?
(e.g. policy, corruption, shortage of health IT personnel; i.e.: cybersecurity workforce)

T5: What measures could citizens or governments take to improve cyber security?

CT: Closing Thoughts – What do you think is important to add to this conversation?

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