AI and Machine Learning: Disrupting Healthcare

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve care and outcomes, lower the cost of care, and increase patient and provider satisfaction is fast-tracking these disruptive technologies for significant growth in healthcare in the immediate future. In a recent Healthcare IT News/HIMSS Analytics survey, about 35% of healthcare organizations plan to leverage artificial intelligence within two years – and more than 50% intend to do so within five years.*

AI and machine learning have the power to disrupt many aspects of the current healthcare ecosystem – particularly:

  • Care delivery and patient diagnosis
  • Claims collection and payment
  • Clinical decision support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Population health
  • Precision medicine

These technologies can categorize and analyze huge amounts of both structured and unstructured data to glean clinical insights to improve individual and population health through better diagnoses, disease pattern identification and treatment methods. They can improve infrastructure, workflows and data management, and other tasks and processes – increasing productivity, consistency and quality, and reducing costs and errors. They can improve the provider-patient experience, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients by automating time-intensive tasks like medical image analyzation, data entry, and procedure and condition monitoring. With the potential to help diagnose, predict and treat medical conditions, AI and machine learning have the very real potential to transform health and lives.

However, due to barriers to implementation and use, the full potential of these technologies in healthcare has not yet been realized. Before healthcare organizations can effect widespread implementation of AI and machine learning, they must determine how to best overcome the complex challenges of early stage technology, lack of executive and physician buy-in, adoption of new staffing and training processes, establishment of ethical standards and obligations, data integration and infrastructure constraints, and others.

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*Source: Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics HIT Market Indicator: Artificial Intelligence

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