Advancing Precision Medicine Through Health IT

Precision medicine is quickly emerging as an exciting, personalized approach to healthcare and disease treatment.  Advances in the field are providing clinicians with tools and resources to customize care that will work best for individual patients based on differences in their genes, environments, lifestyles and other factors – providing the right care to the right person at the right time.

So how can your organization capitalize on the advances in this up-and-coming field of health IT? The answers are at HIMSS17.

The first organizations to focus on precision medicine have been large academic medical centers and multi-system hospital health systems with considerable internal and external resources. But, as hospitals shift from disease prevention and early disease diagnosis into patient risk assessment, the need and use for precision medicine will increase (Source: HIMSS Analytics 2016 Essentials Brief: Precision Medicine Study).

However, implementing an enterprise-wide precision medicine program comes with many challenges, including:

  • Concerns regarding the privacy and security of patient information
  • Lack of structured molecular data among patients
  • Lag in development of appropriate technologies to standardize and store patient data
  • Difficulties capturing structured patient outcomes
  • Cost to implement technologies and educate clinicians on their use

The solutions to these challenges can be found in health IT – and at HIMSS17. Health IT is vital to the advancement of precision medicine – enabling continued research, advances in technology, evolving care delivery, improved outcomes, and reduced costs.

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