2016 U.S. Hospital Purchasing Trends

By Matt Schuchardt, Director, Market Intelligence Solutions Sales, HIMSS Analytics

More than two-thirds of U.S. hospitals reported their detailed purchase plans for the next 12 months to HIMSS Analytics. So far this year, we’ve identified four major trends using the HIMSS Analytics LOGIC market intelligence platform:

The majority of hospitals are investing in pharmacy technology.

51% of hospitals report plans budgeted for at least one pharmacy technology. Improved tracking of medication dispensing, typically deployment of ADMs in additional patient care environments, is driving these investments. We also see more than 6% of hospitals planning carousels or packagers in their pharmacies.

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The hub and spoke effect from recent mergers and acquisitions can be seen in activity around telephony.

VOIP and telemedicine are being planned at 12% of hospitals with inpatient revenues between $25 million and $125 million.  6% of hospitals over $500 million are planning VOIP and telemedicine.

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As the volume of data captured in EMRs increases, there is growing interest in analytics.

8% of hospitals report plans to purchase at least one technology focused on or supporting analytics. Our Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity will help organizations as they look to use data to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and create positive patient and provider experiences.

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There is still activity in the EMR market.

8% of hospitals report plans to purchase at least one EMR component. These plans focus on moving up the EMRAM, especially hospitals below Stage 5. 14% of hospitals Stage 1-4 are investing in pharmacy technologies to enable closed loop medication administration, and 17% are investing in auto ID technologies. Hospitals achieving Stage 6 and 7 are making investments as well, with 4% of Stage 6 hospitals planning to support or expand information exchange capabilities. Our Population Health Essentials Brief details the thought processes of organizations as they make decisions and investments to prepare to manage the health of populations. Stage 7 hospitals are investing in infrastructure for the post-EMR world, with 60% reporting hardware purchase plans.

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We’ll continue to examine the buying trends and the drivers of those trends in the run-up to HIMSS17.


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