Sumit Nagpal

Chief Architect for the Citizen Driven Health Program in Manchester UK
LumiraDx/LumiraDx Holdings
Sumit Nagpal is the Chief Architect for the Citizen Driven Health Program in Leeds UK and also Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of LumiraDx Ltd as well as the CEO of LumiraDx, USA. Lumira represents the fifth generation of Sumit’s work, which began while working with Steve Jobs and NeXT, Inc. in the early 1990s. He is using these skills to achieve successful data exchange in the UK which to date has not been universally achieved.  Sumit embraced a model for software development and helped NeXT’s Fortune 50 customers transform their development programs to become more responsive and agile. He then combined information technology and medicine – to begin a lifelong journey to help create better care pathways for patients. In the mid 1990s, Sumit created one of the country’s first longitudinal medical records across major departmental systems in a best-of-breed hospital in Boston, Ma USA. The system won tremendous adoption by presenting patient history in an intuitive time series – a focus on usability and visual appeal being one key takeaway from his work with Steve Jobs. Only many years later would this technology get a name: a portal. Sumit led the company to integrate workflows across disparate organizations. For example, working with the Mayo Clinic, Sumit evolved the technology to allow disparate organizations around the world to easily refer their patients into the Mayo Clinic for second opinion consultations. This was a great implementation of Sumit’s vision for technology to “blend into the woodwork” of routine clinical practice, leaving clinicians to focus on their patients and practice their science and art. In the early 2000s to present, Sumit leads to create health information exchanges that connect patient data from a variety of data suppliers ensuring privacy and security measures along the way. He is passionate in helping to achieve true data connectivity and seamless healthcare communications within the healthcare industry.


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