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Steve Gravely

Partner, Healthcare Practice Lead
Troutman Sanders LLP
Steve Gravely is the healthcare practice leader at Troutman Sanders LLP and has over 25 years’ experience representing healthcare providers. He has a Master's Degree in Health Administration and has worked in several hospital systems prior to beginning the practice of law. These experiences provide him with a distinctive perspective with which he can serve his clients in the healthcare industry. Steve served as the principle author of the DURSA as part of the ONC Trial Implementation project to establish the Nationwide Health Information Network. He led the national workgroup of legal and business representatives that considered various governance and legal models for data exchange and created the first of its kind multi-party trust agreement that has supported the eHealth Exchange since its inception in 2009. Steve, and his team, continue to advise The Sequoia Project and the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee on legal issues related to the operation of the eHealth Exchange. In addition, Steve advises state and regional Health Information Exchanges on the complexities of health data exchange. He is uniquely qualified to advise his clients on matters relating to interoperability and developing trusted exchange frameworks. He is a frequent speaker on a variety of digital health issues including health data exchange, HIE formation and governance, data privacy and cybersecurity.
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