Sondra Tranen

E.V.P., Partnership Development Group, Inc.
Exec. Dir., PDG Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
Sondra didn’t expect to find her passion in behavioral health. In fact, Ms. Tranen was on her way to graduating seminary and becoming a Methodist minister when meeting her husband and Elie Wiesel changed her life. Inspired by these individuals, Sondra Tranen set out on a path to help her community and is now the Executive Vice President of Partnership Development Group, Inc. and the Executive Director of PDG Rehabilitation Services. Sondra holds an MA in Pastoral Counseling and is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors. Ms. Tranen has 33 years of clinical and managerial experience working with individuals with serious behavioral health disorders. Ms. Tranen is a noted innovator in developing effective treatment programs and training professional staff to work with difficult populations in a variety of settings - from traditional community rehabilitation programs to prisons, detention centers, and shelters. In addition to her clinical management expertise, Ms. Tranen also successfully organized advisory representative committees with government and community services agencies. These committees provide better service provider communication, increase the quality and scope of care provided, decrease service duplication, decrease recidivism, and lessen the frequency with which individuals “fall through the cracks” of the behavioral health system. Sondra Tranen is committed to constantly expanding her efforts to provide the best possible vocational rehabilitation and employment services to these populations.


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