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Robert Skelton

Program Manager, Corporate Product Security
Rob Skelton continues to work with medical device manufacturers and healthcare organizations to better secure and protect patient care equipment and systems from cyber-attacks. New proposed best practices from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and proposals from grassroots security industry groups point to renewed transparency in the industry. Rob’s protection strategies help customers successfully navigate the complexity of security requirements while preparing the pathway to greater sales and compliance. Rob doesn’t just think out of the box, he stands on the box to develop new possibilities and opportunities to achieve Becton Dickinson product security innovations and customer collaborations. The changing landscape in the cyber-protections has altered the traditional relationship of governmental regulatory and testing agencies. A major goal of Becton Dickinson Product Security Team is the development of innovative strategies with groups like the FDA, NIST and DHS. Rob collaborates with these partners in seeking solutions to protect installed systems and to expand recommendations to address patient safety risks that can ensure optimum device performance. Rob has been certified both as a CISSP and CISA for over a decade. Before devoting his work to product security, Rob served in other roles, all focused at patient safety. He has also been successful in several other business fields including Photography and Motion Picture/TV Production. In his community of San Diego, he currently is an active community volunteer supporting the San Diego Sherriff’s Department as a Range Safety Officer for the Honorable Deputy Sherriff’s Association.
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