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Robert Neff

Director of Innovative Technology
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System
Robert Neff is the Director for Innovative Technology Solutions and Platforms at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. In his role at Jefferson he leads teams that develop applications and mobile apps, digital properties and leverage new and innovative technology to improve the consumer experience across the university health system. Prior to Jefferson, Neff held product manager roles at Cerner and Siemens Healthcare in the areas of medical device integration, mobile apps, and technology currency. Neff has led diverse projects and product development solutions over the years, which have been as varied as internationalization architecture for supporting multiple character sets, to receiving regulatory clearance (CE mark) for software in in Sweden, to creating of solutions for patient rounding. One of Neff’s recent product releases included Smart Infusion Pump integration for the Siemens EHR Pharmacy software module, which allowed Smart Infusion Pumps to be wirelessly integrated into the EMR for auto programming and monitoring. Neff is enthusiastic about the creation of new solutions using innovative technology. His passion has led to several patents for innovative products in the areas of Healthcare technology.


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