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Purna Prasad

Vice President / CTO
Northwell Health
Dr. Prasad is a recognized leader and researcher in the field of clinical information technology and biomedical engineering with three decades of experience. He is the chief technology officer and vice president for information technology at Northwell Health in Long Island, New York. Dr. Prasad has a career-long record of accomplishment spanning information technology, clinical technology, and biomedical program development, infrastructure / architecture planning, solution engineering, and enterprise-wide integration. He has consistently demonstrated repeated success delivering innovative, ground-breaking clinical information technology systems, solutions, and infrastructure models to enable dramatic expansion of clinical services, biomedical capabilities, and patient service capacity. He has directed best-practice projects and enterprise change management efforts to ensure continuity of mission-critical clinical systems serving the highest caliber of patient diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic support. He consistently collaborates with executive leadership team to align all IT initiatives with short- and long-range business needs, clinical demands, and regulatory compliance requirements. He serves as an end-to-end liaison to all business units, forging outstanding stakeholder relations, building cross-functional consensus, and facilitating technology adoption. Purna's pioneering work in biomedical research resulted in the first networked physiological monitoring system for acute care, distant patient care using telemedicine, computerized brain monitoring system, sleeping brain monitoring and diagnosis, and application of robotics in medicine. Dr. Prasad holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering, a master's degree in biomedical engineering and a PhD in information technology.
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