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Michelle Hernandez

Senior Director of Marketing and Engagement
Mountain Park Health Center
Michelle Hernandez is a seasoned marketing leader with more than 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, communications, and strategic planning. As the Senior Director of Marketing & Engagement, at Mountain Park Health Center, she provides focus for Mountain Park to achieve the vision of our leaders. Through a clear understanding of the market and stakeholders, she leads the development and management of the organization’s brand strategy. She also directs the development of marketing, communication and engagement plans to support our strategic plan. Telling the story of organizations to help accomplish strategic goals is something Michelle Hernandez is passionate about and she considers herself fortunate to work for a health care organization that understands healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Whether leading a marketing team, creating the patient engagement strategy, or helping implement electronic health records as a communication tool, she is a leader who can motivate teams to communicate effectively to achieve goals. Ms. Hernandez is proud to work for an organization that is focused on smart growth opportunities, balancing innovation and engagement for strategic goals. She loves to build teams -- aligning goals, inspiring and empowering others to challenge themselves to grow their skills.  She also enjoys working with others to create vision and embrace new technology as a means to better communicate and engage stakeholders. 
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