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Lynn Charbonneau

Lynn Charbonneau recently joined the team of the HealthStream Engagement Institute, part of HealthStream as a coach/consultant. In this role, Lynn lives her passion for helping organizations implement best practices and improve their patient experiences. Lynn was an item writer for the inaugural patient experience certification exam (December 2015) and was one of 100 individuals of the 400 inaugural patient experience experts who sat for the exam to obtain her certification in Patient Experience. She has 40 years of healthcare experience with 25 years in patient experience improvement at Yale New Haven Health in New Haven, CT, Waterbury Hospital and most recently with Northside Hospital, part of HCA's West Florida Division. She possesses a successful track record and holds a regional and national reputation for formulating strategies to achieve improvement in service excellence and patient satisfaction. Recently, Northside Hospital was recognized by HCA Corporate as one of 6 hospitals who has improved their patient satisfaction scores faster than the CMS rate of change. Lynn has strong leadership, goal setting and coaching skills. She supports that measurement is the key to driving results and it is critical to transforming organizational culture.
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