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Klaus Koenigshausen

Chief Executive Officer
Klaus Koenigshausen is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MediQuire, a healthcare data analytics platform that helps power the transition to new payment models. They work extensively with clinics that treat the Medicaid population including Federally Qualified Health Centers. They work with customers in 15 states and have an extensive R&D database of clinical records. MediQuire helps clinics transitions to new payment models by helping optimize the data-reporting infrastructure for payer contracts. MediQuire has developed a unique natural language processing technology that allows providers to document wherever they want in the EHR including free text notes. MediQuire is able to scan the records and normalize data for HEDIS scores, risk adjustment factors, and social determinants of health for patient prioritization decisions. We have come across some exciting findings in our database and this submission is meant to share these insights with health systems rather than showcase our capabilities. Prior to MediQuire, Klaus was an advisor and healthcare-focused investor at Bain Capital, a private equity firm based in Boston, where he analyzed and invested in hundreds of healthcare technology, healthcare services, and life sciences companies. Prior to Bain Capital, Klaus was a strategic management consultant in the healthcare industry where he helped design the personalized medicine strategy for Roche. Klaus Koenigshausen holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a biochemistry degree from Cambridge University, England.


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