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Kamalakar Gulukota

Director, Bioinformatics
NorthShore University HealthSystem
Dr Kamalakar Gulukota is a seasoned professional in computational biology with over 25 years experience. His passion is to leverage genomics technologies and impact patient care through translational discoveries. Prior to joining NorthShore in September 2011, Gulukota worked in a spectrum of jobs all along the drug discovery and development pipeline starting at Wyeth (now Pfizer) directing the bioinformatics core sciences group and tasked with discovering novel drug targets in the then newly published human genome. Subsequently, at GVK Biosciences, with funding from a wealthy family, he started-up a clinical research organization. Just before joining NorthShore, he worked at GenomeQuest, a start-up bioinformatics company, where he helped evangelize for their software products for NGS data analysis. Gulukota's research probes characteristics of tumors that relate to prognosis. Gulukota's group aims to characterize tumors by sequencing their genomes through next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. Through investigating these genomic markers, he aims to find those that are characteristic of indolent versus aggressive tumors. Currently, at NorthShore, Gulukota directs the bioinformatics efforts and focuses on clinical applications like tumor sequencing and pharmacogenomics as well as research application focusing on genomic biomarkers and tumor heterogeneity.
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