Hank Fanberg

Technology Advocacy
Mr. Fanberg is a proven health system executive with more than 25 years experience driving complex business, operational and technical initiatives including strategic planning and innovation; clinical practice development and implementation; partnerships and business development; applying IT to transform care delivery and operations improvement; advocacy and community wide coalition building. At CHRISTUS Health he is a member of the office of the CIO with the responsibility of interfacing with elected officials regarding the use of health IT to improve quality, efficiency and outcomes. My work includes understanding legislation and regulation and how it may impact our information systems from both an architectural and end user perspective. He is responsible for IT strategy and innovation, especially as it pertains to the adoption of new technologies into our existing system architecture. Operationally Mr. Fanberg was a founder of the HIE in South Texas, taking it from application to organization to implementation and was its executive director for the first three years of its existence, working across multiple communities to assure maximum representation by a variety of provider organizations and community entities. He is the executive director for the FCC Rural Health Pilot Program for Texas which was awarded more than $15 million to improve broadband for health care facilities in Texas, and for helping initiate a broadband infrastructure for secure transmission of health data. Prior to CHRISTUS Health, Mr. Fanberg was the president of a physician owned and operated IPA and MSO and was the chief operating officer for ambulatory services of the Children's Hospital of New Jersey. He was also a member of the team that started the first HMO in Louisiana.
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