Gualberto Ruano

Principal Investigator, Institute of Living, Hartford Hospital
Medical Director, Laboratory of Personalized Health, Genomas Inc.
Gualberto Ruaño, M.D., Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Ruaño has been an entrepreneur in the biotechnology industry for 20 years, and is a pioneer in the technology and business of personalized medicine. Previously, he founded Genaissance Pharmaceuticals in 1997 as the pioneer company in pharmacogenomics, and served as CEO and as Chief Scientific Officer. As CEO, he raised $60 million of private equity, led the company's $90 million IPO in 2000, and negotiated R&D partnerships with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As CSO of Genaissance, Dr. Ruaño developed fundamental technology for genetic associations based on gene haplotypes. Prior to that, as co-founder of BIOS Laboratories since 1992, he invented the Coupled Amplification and Sequencing System (U.S. patent 5,427,911) for the rapid determination of sequence variation, which is marketed worldwide by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics as TRUGENE™ and was the first pharmacogenomic diagnostic system approved by the FDA. Dr. Ruaño is a founding Director of the Personalized Medicine Coalition in Washington, D.C. and is senior editor of the journal Personalized Medicine (London). He has served on steering committees working with the FDA on pharmacogenomic guidelines and as a member at the Manhattan Institute's 21st Century FDA Task Force. Dr. Ruaño also serves on advisory committees of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry instituting guidelines for pharmacogenetic testing in the clinical laboratory. He has an M.D. and PhD. from Yale University and a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University (Phi Beta Kappa). Dr. Ruaño is also Director of Genetics Research at Hartford Hospital and holds Adjunct Professorships on the medical faculties at George Washington University and the University of Puerto Rico. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and of the American Institute for medical and Biological Engineering.
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