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Francis X. Campion

Chief Medical Officer
Francis X. Campion, MD, FACP, is the Chief Medical Officer of Ayasdi, a leading provider of machine learning software tools for health care, life sciences and financial services. Dr. Campion works with a team of data scientists and software engineers to perfect Topological Data Analysis and machine learning tools for clinical variation analysis, clinical pathway development, physician performance measurement, biomarker mapping, clinical genetics applications and prediction modeling for population health. Healthcare insurance and business applications include revenue recovery, anomaly detection and fraud, waste and abuse evaluation. Dr. Campion also is an internal medicine physician and clinical informaticist at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (HVMA) in Boston, where he participates in innovative practice initiatives focused on population management for chronic disease and was among the first physicians to lead group visits for patients. He was the Medical Director for the HVMA Complex Chronic Care Program, serving the sickest 1,200 heart failure and diabetic patients across 17 sites. He is an active member of the Atrius Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee which oversees an advanced medication management program for the system. He is active in teaching and research protocols, now enrolling patients with the Stic-2IT Medication Adherence study and is the clinical informatics advisor for the Thyroid Cancer Registry.
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