Bryce Olson

Global Marketing Director, Health and Life Sciences
Intel Corporation
Bryce Olson is the Global Marketing Director of Health and Life Sciences at Intel. With over 20 years of experience, he is an expert in bringing technology and science together in the exciting area of genomics and personalized medicine with a powerful message on how this saves lives. He is passionate about connecting the advances in life sciences into the clinical settings. Olson is also an advanced cancer patient who is experiencing first-hand the importance of being an active, informed patient. Armed with genomic sequencing data pinpointing the mutations that drove his cancer, Olson’s oncologist helped him find a clinical trial that offered the potential to shut those mutations down. The trial has been a success and Olson has become a fierce advocate for making healthcare personal. Beyond being an activist at the forefront of precision medicine, Olson is a visionary marketing and sales professional with extensive experience across the technology industry reaching business audiences with products, services and software solutions. His experience covers a broad range of disciplines including go-to-market strategy, product marketing and launch, integrated marketing and sales campaign creation, business development, and account management.  Olson also has international experience in the UK and Japan. From 1991-1997 Olson had a lead role in launching a Japanese subsidiary for a world leading software and internet services company (Macromedia, now Adobe), and built and led the product management division responsible for developing software products for the Japanese market.


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