5 Ways to Differentiate Your Organization with Social Media | Interoperability Showcase

1. Create content and conversation

Great social media content:

  • Puts the needs of your audience before your own
  • Is non-promotional
  • Invites responses by asking questions
  • Shares provocative, thought-leading insights
  • Focuses on the value of health IT
  • Celebrates the health IT community and its progress
  • Has a clear and engaging call-to-action

2. Listen for and observe audience expectations, concerns and interests.

Be sure to pay attention to:

  • The official hashtag for the event on Twitter and Facebook: #EmpowerHIT
  • HIMSS’s social media communications for the event via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

3. Be present and active.

Be engaged and active in your social presence prior, during and after HIMSS17 to reach a larger health IT audience and influencers:

  • Listen and contribute to the greater #EmpowerHIT conversation as it unfolds on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Start a dialogue.

Leverage the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ to create a dialogue with your audience.  Start a discussion via your LinkedIn group, host a Google+ Hangout, have a discussion on your Facebook pager, or host a Twitter chat.

Good conversations require you to:

  • Connect with your audience’s needs before your own
  • Listen and be open-minded
  • Be responsive
  • Be sincere and genuine
  • Show gratitude

5. Create and share a video.

Share your perspective on key industry topics by creating a video.  Shoot a short video and share it via social channels prior, during and after the event using the #EmpowerHIT hashtag.