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Developing Innovative EHR Tools to Prevent Lost Revenue

February 21, 2017 — 10:00AM EST - 05:00PM EST
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CMS instituted the 2 Midnight Rule impacting reimbursement on unsigned inpatient admission orders by the time of discharge. This meant that any admission order for inpatient stays entered by a provider without active admitting privileges would require a co-signature by the actual admitting or attending provider prior to discharge. If an authenticating signature was not obtained at the time of discharge the visit charges would need to be downgraded to outpatient stay resulting in lost revenue. This poster will show the tools that were developed and the Pre/Post Impact of revenue retention as a result of their implementation.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Design with the end user’s workflow in mind by understanding the variation in structures for individual facilities within a larger health care system. Consider these variations and develop tools that incorporate them for maximum effectiveness and adoption.
  • Develop strong inclusion and exclusion criteria in the planning phase before building a prototype. Gather information from all impacted stakeholders to validate the criteria.
  • Provide thorough testing scripts for validation that is inclusive of all roles and scenarios.
  • Consider a pilot phase when there are potential high risks and impacts.



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