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Role of HIT Vendors in Promoting Safe Use of Biosimilars

February 22, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST
Orange County Convention Center
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The rapid expansion of biologics and the recent introduction of biosimilars to the US healthcare market represents an exciting public health opportunity. While offering an opportunity to lower costs, it also signifies a potential opportunity to re-evaluate the role that EHRs, CPOE and pharmacy systems play in capturing appropriate information for improved traceability adverse event reporting and outcomes research. As more biosimilars are approved and enter the market, it will become increasingly challenging and important to accurately identify and distinguish the source of the adverse events (AEs) from a biosimilar, its reference biologic and other biosimilars. EHRs, CPOE and Pharmacy systems are an integral component of this process. This essential conversation will bring stakeholders involved in the writing/ordering, capturing, dispensing and administering of biologics and biosimilars to discuss and potentially reassess current information captured through the systems to ensure tracking and traceability of patient adverse events.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Assess impact of current biologic and biosimilar legislation and regulations (biosimilar naming, state substitution, reporting) on your organization, institution and/or product
  • Evaluate current AE reporting experience and impact on reporting of biologics and biosimilars through review of research conducted by Tufts University Center for Drug Development
  • Discuss framework of what needs to be done by stakeholders to capture to support specific product identification, ensure precise product tracking and allow for accurate, efficient reporting and tracing of AEs associated with biologics


Clinical Informaticists
Pharmacy Professional
Physician, CMO, CMIO




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