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Open APIs: Crush Your EHR Conversions and Legacy Challenges!

February 21, 2017 — 11:30AM EST - 12:30PM EST
Orange County Convention Center
Tangerine Ballroom, F3
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Perhaps you shared the vision that all of healthcare (or at least your region of the country) would adopt a single EHR platform that would make it easy to connect and collaborate for patient care and administrative purposes. That vision has proven illusory and false. A variety of forces make it unlikely this will ever happen. It appears we will always need to manage legacy data and/or share data across disparate EHR platforms and yet, traditional integration approaches like HL7 often fall short. In this presentation, we will share how one health system and an affiliate deployed Open APIs and web services to connect and share data across two different EHR platforms as part of a legacy EHR management plan. We will explore the limitations of traditional data conversion approaches and the advantages of web services in meeting requirements for data access, end-user satisfaction, security, compliance and cost. Lastly, we will show how this same approach can be extended to solve many other problems related to EHR integration.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe the challenges and limitations of the traditional approach to cross-platform data sharing and legacy data management
  • Discuss OpenAPIs and web services as an alternative to traditional data sharing and integration approaches (extraction, CCD) and technologies (HL7)
  • Identify practical opportunities to begin using OpenAPIs today for legacy data or other EHR integration needs
  • Apply best practices and lessons learned from the session and initiate a web services technology evaluation plan to address practical opportunities


Physician, CMO, CMIO
Senior IT Executive




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