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Medical Device Risk Assessment Methods and Sharing

February 19, 2017 — 10:45AM EST - 11:45AM EST
Orange County Convention Center
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This session is part of a special program called Medical Device Security Symposium: Medical Device Security Information Sharing - Clarity for Action. Extra fees and registration may be required.


Medical device risk assessments support health system’s efforts to create secure medical device networks for patient safety and privacy. This session will explain methods for risk assessment across the device life cycle. It will explain how the medical device risk assessment platform (MDRAP) facilitates assessments, education of staff and assessment sharing.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe risk assessment methodology across the life cycle of medical devices as well as at design
  • Explain risk assessment methodology to support health system medical device network design
  • Demonstrate the MDISS medical device risk assessment platform and compare use with MDS2
  • Discuss trends in the medical device procurement process and understand challenges and risks in common procurement processes and discuss strategies to mitigate the risks


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