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A Lewis & Clark Exploration of Precision Medicine

February 22, 2017 — 10:00AM EST - 11:00AM EST
Orange County Convention Center
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Today, 96 percent of cancer patient data, including genomic data sets, are locked in individual hospitals. This restricts the world’s most capable cancer researchers from making tomorrow’s discoveries that could potentially change the course of this disease. During the last few years, OHSU has been working with Intel and other leading academic and cancer research institutions to build a precision medicine analytics platform that addresses this challenge. In this presentation, Dr. Druker, the developer of Gleevac and a pioneer in cancer treatment innovation, will share how his organization, in partnership with Intel, is launching the “Collaborative Cancer Cloud.” The Cancer Cloud enables providers to deliver more personalized care that leverages the most applicable and available data sets and analytical insights. The connectivity of data and analytics has the potential to dramatically elevate the quality and effectiveness of cancer treatment across the country.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define the stages of precision medicine, including where and how each of them are operating today
  • Recognize the challenges of sharing data and working together across institutions, the disparities that currently exists with cancer care, and the potential impact precision medicine – through a collaborative cancer cloud – can have on outcomes
  • Explain the role of technology, including workflow orchestration to minimize data transfer, acceleration of genomics and imaging pipelines, secure data analytics sharing, and scalable genomic databases, in the advancement of precision medicine
  • Identify business, technological, political and policy barriers to precision medicine
  • Describe how open analytics transfers can layer upon incumbent HIT to extend the value of precision medicine and capabilities for patient, providers, payors and pharmaceutical companies alike


Physician, CMO, CMIO
Life Sciences Professionals




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