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Improving the Health of 1.5 Million Children

February 19, 2017 — 08:00AM EST - 04:30PM EST
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In 2014 CHOC began developing a vision for managing the health of at-risk populations. As a result of their innovative vision, in 2015 CHOC earned a grant to develop care guidelines for acute illnesses and conditions presenting in primary care clinics, leading to improvements in clinical outcomes and resource utilization.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How CHOC leveraged existing population health technology resources to provide analytics required for a federal grant focused on a large population of acutely ill children, by ingesting data from many disparate sources and being able to report the data back out to the federal government successfully
  • How acute, evidence based, care guidelines can help organizations control costs and improve clinical outcomes with the ability to manage a broader population than only those affected by chronic conditions
  • Understand how lessons learned from managing capitated, full-risk contracts can apply to larger, more general populations


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