Implementing Healthcare Cyber-Hygiene with the Critical Security Controls: A SANS Workshop

March 3, 2016 — 08:30AM - 05:00PM PT
Sands Expo Convention Center
Bellini 2101
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This session is part of a special program called Workshop B: Healthcare Cybersecurity SANS Workshop . Extra fees and registration may be required.


Many of today’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges can be addressed with a prioritized list of cyber-hygiene best practices. This workshop will introduce participants to the Critical Security Controls, which are rapidly becoming accepted as the most recognized action plan to secure your organization. The Critical Security Controls were selected and defined by the US military as well as other respected security experts in government and private organizations. Attendees will receive information on actual attacks that could have been stopped or mitigated through implementing good cyber-hygiene practices while focusing not only the best way to block known cyber-attacks but also best practices on mitigating the damage from attempted cyber-attacks.
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