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CPOE Impact on Hospital Length of Stay and Acute Readmission

February 21, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST
Orange County Convention Center
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CHRISTUS Health Informatics began systematic CPOE implementation in early 2012 across a mid-size independent delivery network. A majority of CHRISTUS facilities have adopted CPOE well, with high use rates among clinicians. The objective of this CPOE outcomes study was to quantify the impact of CPOE on two major or global patient care/clinical outcomes: length of stay (LOS) and acute 30-day hospital readmission rate, with 22 community hospitals between April 2014 and July 2015. We present the outcomes analyses completed and findings on the impact of CPOE use. We found both LOS and acute readmission rates were decreased among patients for whom CPOE was most frequently utilized for to convey clinical orders (statistically significant at the p

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe the overall patient safety and clinical value proposition of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Identify the methodology utilized to evaluate the impact of CPOE on key patient care outcomes, namely length of stay and acute 30 day hospital readmission rate and understand why other comparative effectiveness evaluation strategies, such as randomized clinical trials, are not readily deployable
  • Assess the nature and magnitude of the impact of CPOE on patient LOS and acute hospital readmission as outlined by the study findings, and the implications in terms of leveraging such data to improve CPOE adoption in audience members' facilities
  • Recognize the complexity and limitations of research on CPOE outcomes and the utility of statistical modeling to identify patient benefits
  • Discuss how these findings can be leveraged to advance CPOE adoption among physicians at your hospital or hospital system


Physician, CMO, CMIO
Nurse, CNO, CNIO




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