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Closing Keynote: Medical Device Security and Safety: The Regulatory and Accreditation Response and Trends

February 19, 2017 — 03:15PM - 04:15PM EST
Orange County Convention Center
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This session is part of a special program called Medical Device Security Symposium: Medical Device Security Information Sharing - Clarity for Action. Extra fees and registration may be required.


The broad adoption of best practices for security will be accelerated by new regulatory and accreditation actions. This session will cover the administrative domains of the FDA versus the Joint Commission and how they related to the stakeholders across the full medical device security ecosystem. This session will take a policy-orientated approach to compliment the previous session that deals with the technology specifications of various government actions. This session will bring into focus on FDA regulation and JCAHO accreditation work together to drive change in the medical device industry and the healthcare delivery organization market, respectively.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the roles of the FDA and Joint Commission for driving adoption of security best practices and health risk reduction through regulatory and accreditation based actions
  • Describe how health systems will be impacted by emerging regulation and accreditation policy and actions
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities from the front lines of healthcare delivery



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