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Business Intelligence Best Practices: A Strong Foundation for Organizational Success

February 19, 2017 — 08:00AM - 04:30PM EST


Cost: $335

Healthcare’s shift to value-based care drives an expanded need for Business Intelligence (BI). As BI demands increase and resources are scarce, the key factor for BI at modern hospitals is the efficient deployment of actionable data to decision-makers in your enterprise.

An enterprise BI architecture — one that incorporates integrated policies, workflows, technical approaches, and proper tool selection — can deliver data to the right person at the right time, with less total cost. In this workshop, we will provide that architecture as a template for you to use — some of it, or all of it— depending on the needs of your enterprise and the current state of your BI environment.

This workshop is geared toward those interested in the technical side of BI. We’ll discuss SQL, ETL, and other similarly technical topics, and the sessions will focus primarily on how to use and leverage technology you have today. BI professionals at small, medium, and large hospitals and healthcare organizations alike will benefit from this workshop. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Compile the enterprise BI architecture and strategy that best fits the needs of your organization
  • Outline the structure of a BI team and the BI life cycle from data request to data delivery
  • Describe key tenants of BI best practices
  • Understand how to minimize the cost of maintaining BI


in health and IT meet.