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Building Nationwide Capacity for PCOR-Based CDS

February 20, 2017 — 01:30PM EST - 02:30PM EST
Orange County Convention Center
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The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Clinical Decision Support Learning Network (PCOR CDS-LN) is a new AHRQ-funded effort that brings together stakeholders to promote a sustainable community around developing, disseminating and applying PCOR-enabled CDS. The PCOR CDS-LN is designed to accelerate collaborative learning and decision-making, address barriers and facilitators for disseminating PCOR through CDS and evaluate the impact of its efforts. This session will discuss the results of an environmental scan of PCOR CDS that informs the barriers and facilitators to developing this critical area of work. Attendees will learn how they can participate in and benefit from PCOR CDS-LN efforts to ensure PCOR-enabled CDS improves healthcare quality, safety and effectively supports a learning health system.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe how the PCOR CDS-LN is engaging multiple stakeholders to fill a critical need for putting PCOR into action via CDS
  • Describe the effects that barriers and facilitators to PCOR-based CDS have on quality and patient safety outcomes
  • Explain how the PCOR CDS-LN’s research has identified existing barriers and facilitators to disseminating PCOR via CDS
  • Organize the findings into a conceptual framework of barriers and facilitators that can direct future efforts for disseminating PCOR through CDS
  • Evaluate how the stakeholder community can pull together to promote the dissemination of PCOR findings into clinical care via CDS


Clinical Informaticists
Physician, CMO, CMIO




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