Guidelines for Participants of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ at HIMSS17

Sending A News Release

Send the news release using your company logo, boilerplate and media contact.

  • Do not include the HIMSS logo or boilerplate since this release is from the speaker’s organization – not HIMSS.
  • Send the news release at any time, ideally about one month before the conference opens, thus from January 19 – February 19, 2017.

Refer to the HIMSS Interoperability website for the approved description of the Interoperability Showcase.

Use the HIMSS quote from Joyce Sensmeier, vice president, informatics, HIMSS North America, if desired, in the news release.

  • Companies do not need approval from HIMSS to use this quote.

Send HIMSS a link to the news release once it is posted on the participating organization’s website.