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Save time and manage your logistics when you create a customized agenda!

Get started today with these simple steps!

Sign in or create an account.
Log in by clicking ""sign in"" in the upper, right-hand corner on the home page or the agenda icon, found on a session page or search results page.

Sign In

Access and view your agenda.
Once signed in, locate your agenda by hovering over your name in the upper right hand corner, or visit the education session search page and click “My Agenda”.

View Agenda

Add and remove sessions from your agenda.
Locate and click the agenda icon on the session page or the search results page. To remove a session, click “remove from my agenda” on the agenda icon.


Find Your Way in the HIMSS16 Exhibition Hall

It’s massive! Without an approach or plan, you might find yourself frustrated on the exhibition floor. First, sign in and then get started with these simple steps:

Search Two Ways. You can filter by:

  • Alpha directory
  • Category and subcategory
Search for Exhibitors

Create a "My Exhibitors" List

Click the star next to the exhibitors name to create "My Exhibitors" list.

View Your Exhibitor List

Click on "My Exhibitors" list to view your customized exhibitor list.

Explore Specialty Exhibit Areas

These are the must-see exhibits on the floor, based on the hottest topics in health IT.

  • Use the filter to find exhibitors in the Special Exhibit Area
  • Save the Special Exhibit Area to your “My Exhibitors” list by locating it in the exhibitor list and clicking the star.
Find Specialty Exhibits

Review Exhibit Hall Maps

Know where to go by comparing your "My Exhibitors" list to these two conference exhibit hall maps:

Finally, be sure to allocate extra time in your agenda, based on the location of exhibitors.

HIMSS16 Mobile App is Available—Navigation at Your Fingertips!

Enhance and simplify your experience with the HIMSS16 mobile app—the best way to navigate HIMSS16!

Get started with these simple steps:

Download the app

First, visit the App Store to verify that you’ve updated the latest version of the HIMSS16 App. Then, log in to your HIMSS account, using the username and password that you used to become a member or during registration.

Sync with the HIMSS Agenda

View and locate all education, exhibition and networking sessions.

  • Use the arrows at the top of the screen to flip between various days.
  • Tap on the calendar icon next to the event title and it will add to “My Agenda.”
  • Tap the "My Agenda" tab at the top center to view your customized list, and even export it to your calendar. If you’ve created an agenda on the HIMSS16 website, it will automatically sync for you!
HIMSS Mobile Agenda

Build Your Profile

Simply enter your photo, name, title and company or you can import your LinkedIn profile for convenience! You can even link your profile to social media by posting an update or following people in your network.

HIMSS Mobile Profile


Do you need to get from point A to point B on the HIMSS16 show floor? Get visible directions of the physical landscape with these interactive maps! Touch the icon in the upper right and a drop down menu lets you toggle between various level views:

  • Exhibit Halls Level 1
  • Exhibit Hall Level 2
  • Exhibit Hall Plan
  • Sands Venue
  • Map of Hotels

Quickly find a specific exhibitor or booth by switching to the Exhibit Hall Plan view and then tapping a specific location. Then, vendor information pops up, for quick reference and orientation.

HIMSS Mobile Maps

Activity Feed

You can update your status by adding comments, photos or an emoji and sync with social media. Scroll to view what other attendees’ updates, and stay informed of the latest conference news. It’s like a personal social media page for HIMSS16!

HIMSS Mobile Activity Feed


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