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Data Visualization and Improving Quality Outcomes: A Davies Story

10:00am - 11:00am Tuesday, March 6

Location & Room

Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Murano 3301
As HIMSS visits hospitals, ambulatory practices, and community health centers around the country, the most significant driver for improvement of care outcomes is access to real time data for decisions on improving care. In this session, two HIMSS Davies Award winners will share how they facilitate the use of real time quality performance data throughout their enterprise. Petaluma Health Center (Petaluma, CA) will demonstrate how they use data visualization to improve hypertension control rates in the safety net setting. Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH) Cleveland Clinic will showcase an electronic checklist for heart failure that is fully integrated into the electronic health record which has enabled a significant reduction in heart failure readmissions. Cleveland Clinic will discuss their governance for creating, testing, and implementing the checklist and designing how the checklist fits into workflow. Finally, they will conclude with lessons learned.