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Beyond BI: Building a Rapid-Response Advanced Analytics Unit

4:00pm - 5:00pm Tuesday, March 6

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Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Palazzo D
While many hospitals have implemented business intelligence tools, few have been able to leverage their data holdings to go beyond descriptive and diagnostic analytics (What happened? Why did it happen?) into the predictive space (What will happen? How do we make it happen?). Moreover, even retrospective analysis of data in typical business intelligence environments is frequently lengthy; such that many hospital leaders may not always receive the information they need in time to inform their decisions. We detail how one hospital addressed these challenges by establishing a rapid-response advanced analytics unit that leverages data science techniques, such as machine learning, to provide rigorous analysis to the hospital’s clinical and executive leadership. The development of this analytics unit and its technological architecture has yielded a number of insights and lessons learned that will be of interest to other hospitals seeking to leverage advanced analytics.