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Solving the Physician Attribution Puzzle for Length of Stay

1:00pm - 2:00pm Tuesday, March 6

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Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Palazzo D
Hospital systems seeking to improve overall patient outcomes need to utilize patient-level data. However, it is not always clear who is directly responsible for a patient’s care. For example, in reducing Length of Stay (LOS), it is important to understand which physician(s) are making the decisions that affect a patient's LOS. Most patients will see a variety of providers during their stay in the hospital. Often, the discharge attending physician is given attribution for a patient’s outcomes, although there is no guarantee that he or she was most involved in that patient’s care. We used data-mining methods to develop a SMART Provider Attribution (SPA) algorithm that assigns the physician responsible for communication and LOS for each discharged patient, based on clinical documentation. Our SPA algorithm showed improved attribution versus using the discharge attending provider. We developed a dashboard that uses the SPA attribution to examine LOS across facilities.