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Driving Enterprise ROI by Eliminating Data Silos

11:30am - 12:30pm Tuesday, March 6

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Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Palazzo D
Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) aimed to harness their data and adopt a data-driven culture that promoted outcomes-driven clinical excellence. After three years and many resources invested in an enterprise data warehouse, the organization needed an action plan and analytics tool that could turn raw data into business value. By eliminating redundant point solutions, integrating payer and provider analytics and promoting a data-driven culture, PHS has already saved $11 million and projects nearly $20 million in savings and hopes to realize growth opportunities in nearby states. From a clinical perspective, PHS’ data-driven approach helped them identify an additional 40,000 patients with complex care needs in 2016. This session will outline the phased approach PHS implemented to generate fast results and ROI, along with their strategies to address people, process and technology. Lessons learned are applicable to any provider organization undertaking value-based care initiatives.