Media Information

Press Credential Requirements

HIMSS is offering press credentials to journalists who intend to cover HIMSS16, which will be held February 29 - March 4, 2016 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Please note: The criteria below assumes applicants are either full-time journalists or journalism is the applicant’s main function at HIMSS16. Press who are approved for credentials are expected to use that access for the purpose of providing journalism on the topics of health information technology and management systems, HIMSS16 events and exhibiting organizations.

Please note:

  • All media organizations are limited to three (3) credentials per news organization, inclusive of both writers and production crews.
  • Analyst organizations are limited to two (2) credentials per organization.

Register for HIMSS16 press credentials


HIMSS16 Online Virtual Press Office

HIMSS is aligning with Virtual Press Office/PR Newswire to provide a suite of distribution options to help raise your visibility as an exhibitor at HIMSS16.

Beyond being environmentally sound, the HIMSS16 Online Press Office also offers exhibitors options to distribute a Premium press kit through PR Newswire based on target media audiences and regions of the country.  Exhibitors receive a discount on the distribution cost from PR Newswire. This offer comes from PR Newswire, not HIMSS, as part of the HIMSS16 Virtual Press Office.    

Learn more about package options and further information.

Questions? Contact the Online Press Office representatives at or +1-973-783-7787, Option 0.


Categories and Guidelines

Individuals who do not qualify as accredited press in any of the below categories will need to register as either a Conference Attendee or Exhibition Client using the main registration site.


Print & Newswire Reporters

Representatives from print, journal or wire news organizations can receive HIMSS16 press credentials, if they provide the following:

  • The name of the publication to which they will publish during HIMSS16.
  • Bylined articles relating to the health IT industry (published within the last six months) or an email from an editor, from the company email address, that states the individual is covering HIMSS16 on assignment. Copy must clearly show the name of publication and byline.
  • A copy of the masthead from a current issue of the publication, or a link to the publication’s website, that shows the individual’s name listed as part of the reporting team.

Please note: Publishers and copy/content editors do not qualify for press credentials.


Online Publications & Blogs

Online journalists can receive a HIMSS16 press credential, if they provide the following:

  • The name of the publication to which they will publish during HIMSS16.
  • Evidence of current, online content (including blog posts, podcasts or videocasts) related to the health IT industry that has been published regularly over the past year.
  • A link to a current page of the online publication with name and title appearing in an editorial capacity.
  • A recent bylined article (published within the last six months) related to the health IT industry.

Online journalists must be able to show:

  • Writing, blogging or mediacasting on the health IT industry is the individual’s main professional activity.
  • Online publication the individual is representing must post original, dated, industry-related news at least once per week. The website content must extend beyond links, forums, personal diaries, opinion or personal analysis.
  • Journalists with commercial news websites may qualify for media accreditation. Websites must be established and be updated regularly with original and current industry news over the past year.
  • Bloggers may qualify if their websites meet the above criteria for commercial websites. Blogs must be well established and show an acceptable level of interactivity as measured by social media presence, newsletter subscription rates, or relationship with a traditional publishing company

Please note: Sponsored bloggers, bloggers for company pages, personal website writers, consultants who blog as a means to promote their business, designers, public relations professionals, and copy/content editors do not qualify for press credentials.


Social Media Ambassadors

Application acceptance for HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassador status is closed.

HIMSS is committed to the active social media community, especially as it grows in interest and scope around health IT. We recognize that some active participants in the social media community may have other roles in the healthcare industry that comprise their “main professional activity.” Seeking to be fair and inclusive to these professionals, HIMSS has developed a Social Media Ambassador program to provide different credentials to those who are interested in attending HIMSS16 as standard-bearers of the social media community.

Potential Social Media Ambassadors can now register through the HIMSS press registration link


Broadcast Journalists & Organization Photographers

HIMSS16 makes allowances for media organizations to have multiple members of a support team for broadcasting needs. Each member of a broadcast crew must register separately and provide the following:

  • The name of the news organization they are supporting during HIMSS16.
  • A letter from a producer on company letterhead that states the individual is covering HIMSS16 on assignment.
  • A business card with name, editorial title and media outlet logo or the link to the broadcast outlet website with name listed as a member of the editorial team.

Please note: Broadcast and video editors do not qualify for press credentials.


Freelance Reporters & Photographers

Freelance contributors on assignment can receive HIMSS16 press credentials, if they provide the following:

  • A letter or email from the editor or senior member of the editorial team, from the company letterhead or email address, stating they are covering HIMSS16 on assignment for their publication.
  • Proof of regular freelance journalism activity (published within the last six months).
  • A bylined, industry-related article from the publication published within the last six months; copy must clearly show the name of the publication and byline.

Please note: Marketing, PR or other industry executives who contribute bylined articles to news outlets do not qualify for press credentials.


Industry Analysts

HIMSS16 allows analysts from recognized industry firms, to receive press credentials if they can provide a bylined, recently published report related to the health IT industry that is non-contracted and publically available.

Please note:

  • Analysts and consultants who develop a client-only publication for their own firm or another firm do not qualify for press credentials.
  • Financial analysts and consultants do not qualify for press credentials.
  • All press credentials must be picked up in-person at the HIMSS16 Press Room, Bassano 2701-2710.
  • The HIMSS16 Press Room opens at 7:30 a.m. PST on Monday, Feb. 29.
  • The press room is located at the Sands Expo Convention Center, 201 Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, Nev. 89169


All media credentials will be provided at the discretion of HIMSS16 Press Room staff members per the HIMSS16 Media Qualifications and Guidelines. HIMSS reserves the right to accept or deny credentials.

The accreditation team may ask for information in addition to that requested above to validate journalistic and focus-area standing. Those who have attended HIMSS under media credentials in the past may be asked to show coverage they produced as a result of press access within the three (3) months from the start of the last HIMSS attended.