Preconference Symposia

Monday, March 5, 2018
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Dive into a variety of compelling topics with HIMSS18 symposia. Gain insights from industry leaders, share knowledge with peers, and take home critical information that will enable you to deliver impactful, positive results. Topics include: Physician, Nursing, Business of Healthcare, Innovation, and Interoperability/Health Information Exchange

When you purchase any preconference symposium, you automatically receive the Preconference Plus benefit. Start your day by attending your "home" symposium's Opening Keynote, then move between select symposia during session breaks to enhance your learning experience.

Now that the infrastructure of modern health IT is in place, it is time for the technology to work for providers and patients.

Explore how organizations are navigating previously uncharted waters by reimagining their patient engagement strategies, provider arrangements, and approach to analytics.

Identify major areas of compliance risk, address them leveraging your IT resources, and effectively support proper compliance programs.

Discover strategies for identifying and tackling care coordination challenges, including leadership roles, technical skills, and IT and management strategies.

Explore the many facets of innovation in healthcare: innovation types, models and applications; successful innovation programs; and readiness for change.

Challenge today’s proven solutions and frameworks, and explore cutting-edge ideas that could disrupt the future of healthcare.

Explore issues LTPAC organizations should consider in leveraging digital health technologies to support clinical data needs, and how to best address specific digital health concerns.

The HIMSS18 Nursing Informatics Symposium will highlight the value that nurses deliver through the use of health IT and the importance of learning how to showcase that value.

Next-generation strategies can benefit your organization and lead to the integration of population health practices.

Explore the precision medicine journey to the summit using C&BI, including the current landscape, future vision, and stakeholder challenges and perspectives.